Sekhmet (sekhmet) wrote in furryartists,

Wanderer of Dreams : Original Art For Sale

Hello! Just promoting a little Auction I have going on on FA at the moment! :)

The auction closes October 3rd at 11PM local server time (can be viewed on the bottom of the FA page).


The other day I was practicing big cats, and as I drew the stripes Baroque/Rococo inspired markings happened! The original looks much better, because iridescent paints never scan well. There's not much you can do to fix that in Photoshop. This was painted in watercolor, acrylic and I used hematite ore paint on the stripes (it glitters beautifully and is textured, sand papery to the touch) and interference gold paints. The interference gold flashes when you look at the painting at different angles. Was a fun little project! I love making tiny art :)

2.5"x3.5" (ACEO/ ATC Sized) on arches satin finish paper.

Auction Link: --Follow the Link for more pictures and information. You can bid in the comments!

Thanks so much for looking, bidding and spreading the word if you can! :)

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