TabbieWolf (tabbiewolf) wrote in furryartists,

Need a themed badge for Anthrocon?

TabbieWolf will draw one for you!

If you're interested in getting into the Shakespearean spirit this con, celebrating the fairy jollity on a midsummer's night(s), I am offering badges that do just that!

These fairy badges are quite large -- 4.5x6," great for fursuits -- and feature your character with sparkly wings!

Since these are pre-order badges, they are just $20 (though you must be picking it up at the convention)! They will be offered at Anthrocon as well, for $25, so grab one now and save yourself some cash to spend on other awesome things!

Just leave a comment or shoot me an email -- tabbiewolf at gmail dot com -- if you're interested!

And even if you're already set, badge-wise, be sure to check out my art and other offerings in the Dealer's Den this year! I will be at table C09 :)
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